Friday, April 24, 2009

Decatur: Pastries a Go Go

Pastries a Go Go is in downtown Decatur. I've been there twice and it seems to be a very popular spot. Despite the name, it has a full menu. I had a Greek salad and vegetable soup. The Greek salad was very good with a sweet balsamic vinegar dressing. But I should use this opportunity to air my grieveances about Greek salads. I've eaten Greek salads in Greece. (They're called mother's salad there. Ordering a Greek salad in Greece is about as productive as ordering a Denver omelet in Denver.) Their Greek salads don't have lettuce---they are tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and feta cheese. For some reason---probably cost---Americans insist on filling their Greek salads with lettuce.

But it is Pastries a Go Go and my thoughts eventually strayed from my healthy lunch to the glass case of cakes and cookies. The individual buttercream cakes sang their siren song to me, but I managed to resist their allure. I finally foundered on the shoals of a macadamia nut and white chocolate cookie. Oh, what a way to go! The combination was decadent and it was all based on a cookie that was the perfect combination of moist and flaky.

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