Monday, April 13, 2009

The Social House

I have no idea what the neighborhood of The Social House is called.  It's on Howell Mill Road just south of I-75.  This area is changing very quickly from an older industrial area with some residential to a hip, New Urban environment.  The Social House is in an older house that has been well restored; it has a bit of a schoolhouse vibe to me even though they don't use school props as decorations.

This is a breakfast place.  Their pancakes are outstanding.  They come in a tall stack of relatively small pancakes, which give you a feeling of bounty without leaving you with a carb overload at the end.  The fruit pancakes feature the fruit but aren't drowning in fruit, so you can enjoy both the pancakes and fruit at the same time.  The pancakes are very well spiced, which accentuates the fruit in a subtle but powerful way.  I can also highly recommend the bacon, which is thick and just crunch enough.

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  1. My family and I ate at the Social House and it was a horrible experience. Our food was delivered to us 40 minutes after we ordered. The coffee tasted like it was from the bottom of the pot. Very bitter tasting, as were the apple pancakes. My husband said they tasted like soap had accidently been put in them. My son ordered a cheese omelete, which was very overcooked. And then my eggs benedict came w/o the sauce. I had to ask for the sauce. When the sauce came for my eggs benedict it tasted like flour. They did seem overwhelmed today.And I learned later that they were short staffed and just "trying to deal with the cards that they were dealt." But there were no apologies to us for having to wait so long, etc...No one should have to pay for food this bad!!!