Friday, October 23, 2009

Decatur: Pastries A Go Go

I was in Decatur and decided that I deserved a treat, so I headed for Pastries A Go Go. It's in the small strip mall in downtown Decatur. I made it in just as they were closing, but they were very nice to let me get my dessert fix.

I went for the chocolate buttercream cake. (Are there two words in the English language that deserve to be next to each other more than "butter" and "cream"?) I took it home for later. The buttercream frosting was truly excellent. There was a lot of it but the sweetness wasn't overwhelming. Notice that it was nicely decorated, as well. The cake underneath was excellent.

Despite the name, they also have a full lunch menu. I've eaten lunch there once or twice and was very impressed. I think I had soup and salad, although it's been awhile. Of course, the dessert at the end doesn't hurt, either... Pastries a Go-Go on Urbanspoon

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