Thursday, April 8, 2010

Macon: Nu-Way Weiners

I saw a feature on Nu-Way Weiners on the TV show "Georgia Traveler." So when an appointment brought me to Macon, I knew that was my big opportunity to try it. The home location is in old downtown Macon. The chili dog is the classic dish here. The signage is new and the staff's uniforms are spiffy, but the basic decor hasn't changed in decades. I felt like I'd been going there all my life, even though this was my first time.

I had to go for the Combo #3, which is a Combo #2 with an extra dog. These dogs are very bright red---you can see the red proboscis sticking out under the chili in the photo. They are the same color all the way through. My immediate reaction on the first bite was a sweet note---not too much, just right. A moment later, a bit of heat kicked in. I found that combination to be delightful. Overall, the chili added just the right touch to the dog. The chili should complement the dog, not overwhelm it either physically or in taste. Nu-Way gets the balance between chili and dog just right. The friest were great, too. Nu-Way Weiners on Urbanspoon

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