Friday, August 26, 2011


 Atmosphere has been on my restaurant to-do list for quite some time, so when my friend Glenn suggested we go there I jumped at the idea. The restaurant is on Piedmont at Morningside, just north of Ansley Square, in a nicely appointed house.

I don't go to French restaurants very often so I went a little crazy ordering some old favorites. This is the onion soup.  I'm not sure if the cheese was gruyere---I'm a little out of practice---but whatever it was I liked it.

 I had to try the duck. You can order either one leg or two. The duck had a good, crispy skin and was very juicy.  The sauce is an important part of the duck experience. It was very rich and savory, a great complement. The green beans still had some crunch, which went well with the duck skin.

This is the apple tart.  The shape not the standard round tart and it is made with a flakier crust than is typical for a tart. The pastry was very crisp and buttery. But my favorite part was the caramel sauce; I scraped every last drop off the plate.

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