Saturday, April 4, 2015

Doraville: Mamak

I just had a superb lunch at Mamak on Buford Highway. The restaurant is small but very well decorated in a colorful, abstract style. The service was extremely gracious and efficient. This is street food but don't expect tiny dishes---the servings are hearty.

I started off with a roti. It was nothing short of amazing, a perfect combination of crispy, chewy, and soft. The sauce that you put inside was light and flavorful without distracting from that superb bread.

This is my sambal okra, which was also excellent. Southerners usually either fry okra, which pushes it toward the crispy side and tends to eliminate the okra slime, or add it to a stew, which can make it hard to pick out. This okra was very tender and soft, which I found to be very comforting. The taste of the okra came through very clearly. The sambal offset the okra slime just enough so that the combination added to the soft, reassuring texture of the dish. Pretty amazing stuff...

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Mamak Malaysian Kitchen

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