Saturday, September 5, 2015

Marietta: Dave Poe's BBQ

Marie couldn't make it, unfortunately, but I joined Grant for an outstanding lunch at Dave Poe's BBQ. The wall is lined with food awards. The interior is in very good shape, which isn't always the case in BBQ joints. The atmosphere is very homey and the staff is extremely courteous and helpful. This is my second visit, but it's been quite a few years since the last one.

I ordered the St. Louis ribs, a large plate since I figured that I had driven far enough to earn it. The meat is outstanding. It tears off the bone with just a hint of effort. Fall-off-the-bone meat is frowned upon in the higher echelons of BBQ, and I can understand why, given the wonderful texture of these ribs. The okra was outstanding: extremely fresh, great breading, great okra taste. The beans were also excellent. They were soft but firm, not mushy, and full of flavor. This meal stuck to my ribs and kept me going all day.

Dave Poe's BBQ

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