Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bo's Old Fashion Bar-B-Que Sauce

There I was, a left turn away from the MLK National Monument, on my way to somewhere else for BBQ, when I saw a smoker and some nice people waving me down. This, as it turns out, is an outpost of Bo's Old Fashion Bar-B-Que Sauce and I was the beneficiary of their patient waiting in the rain.

This is my rib sandwich. They offer the option of whole wheat or white, which is pretty unusual in the BBQ world. The ribs were quite good, with a good flavor of smoke and just enough tooth to the meat. The sauce was very good. I could taste all the very well-balanced elements---sweetness, spices, tomato.

Bo's doesn't seem to have a Web site so let me pass on their phone numbers: (404) 942-9605, (404) 516-7229.

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