Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Le Fat

Le Fat is part of the blossoming Howell Mill scene, located just down the street from Octane. The interior projects the gracious elegance that one would expect from a French Vietnamese restaurant. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

I ordered the pork bahn mi. It's a wonderfully subtle sandwich with all the elements beautifully balanced. The baguette is superb, with a great crumb and perfect crust. This being a Vietnamese restaurant, not a southern BBQ joint, the pork is there to play its role in the overall sandwich, not to hang over the edge and dominate everything. The cold salad components with a bit of vinegar provide wonderful contrasts in both taste and texture.

I was a little surprised that the pho arrived at the same time as the sandwich, not before, but I must say that it was superb. The broth was both very delicate and extremely flavorful, a difficult feat to pull off. The rice noodles had a wonderful texture and were there to complement the broth.

Le Fat

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