Monday, March 14, 2016

Dresden: Shooting House

The name translates roughly to "Shooting House." The decor of this traditional, welcoming restaurant is very hunting-oriented with trophy animals mounted on the walls. The DATE conference brought me to Dresden and gave me this opportunity to try local specialities.

This being Germany, I decided to try the beer. I am not a beer drinker but I very much enjoyed this mug. The hops taste clearly came through but without too much bitterness. I couldn't even come close to finishing the bottle.

For lunch, I ordered this wonderful pork dish. The pork was listed as neck, so I wasn't sure if I would get bones. This pork steak was very meaty and flavorful but also quite tender. The sausage gave a nice flavor contrast; it resembled a hot dog in both texture and taste. The sauerkraut was excellent, tart but not overpowering. Potatoes make a great complement not just to the pork but also to the sauerkraut.

The translation of the dessert took some time and tasting. The cake has some of the consistency of a potato pancake but it definitely has some cheese in it. The cake has been pan-fried, giving a very nice crust. The applesauce was wonderful by itself and a perfect garnish for the pancake. Another local delicacy whose popularity is easy to understand.

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