Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Avondale Heights: Rising Son

Catherine and I used the traffic fiasco to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Rising Son. It is located in downtown Avondale Heights, nestled in one of those Tudor storefronts. I realized that I had passed this place a few weeks ago and assumed that it was a small church, but let there be no mistake about the food.

We started with some fried dumplings as a quick pick-me-up. The filling was pork. The sauce was the star, however. Catherine picked up on the maple syrup mixed with the soy sauce---a truly great idea.

We both ordered the garden frittata. I added on a biscuit, which is of the beaten variety. We had a meeting of the minds on biscuits. Catherine summed up the state of affairs best: "A beaten biscuit isn't a biscuit, it's a roll." The frittata was fluffy and perfectly cooked. A few vegetables were inside, notably tomato. The greens on top were a nice touch, although a little hard for me to get on my fork at that time in the morning.

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