Sunday, June 11, 2017

Birmingham AL: Top Top Grill

I ran across Tip Top Grill on an earlier trip to Birmingham and made a note to return. I'm glad I did. It sits atop a ridge that overlooks what used to be historic iron ore mines and is now the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. The view is spectacular and the food is a perfect complement to a sunny day.

Here is my hot dog, which was ready seconds after I ordered it. It features mustard, slaw, and onions (and maybe something else). The hotdog was classically good. The condiments gave a wonderfully rich flavor and texture---rich, mildly savory.

The fried food took a couple of minutes. It arrived blistering hot. A few minutes cooling proved it to be very tasty. I was able to try the fries, which had a mild coating on them and were hard to resist.

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