Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Homeless in Seattle

Please forgive me, gentle reader, for this brief digression. I have been struck by the number of homeless people I see on the streets of Seattle. I see them at all times of day---not just early and late but during business hours as well. The homeless here come in all shapes and sizes. Some sit or stand in groups and engage in lively discussions with their homeless friends. Some are in wheelchairs and walkers. And some shout to no one at all. I have visited Seattle occasionally since my youth. I've always noticed homeless people here---the term Skid Row was coined here. But in those days Seattle was a slightly tired port city. Today, the horizon is circled by the logos of companies we deal with every day. I am shocked by the magnitude of the homeless population here. But the homeless are not confined to Seattle. I see homeless people regularly on my daily commute. I see them in my neighborhood, sitting in front of the supermarket, waiting for time to pass. My heart aches because I know there is nothing that I cannot wipe away the problems of these people. Homeless is a hard problem. People become homeless for many different reasons and no single approach will help everyone. But I do believe that we as a nation can help these people. So the only way I know to help these people is to ask everyone I know, including you the gentle reader, to not forget the homeless. So long as we observe and remember, we open ourselves to opportunities to help.

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