Thursday, August 3, 2017

Glacier National Park: Two Dog Flats Grill

Two Dog Flats is located in the Rising Sun Motor Inn on the eastern side of Glacier National Park. This is the less-traveled side of the park, which is a pity because it is beautiful. But when you come, expect limited dining options. If you don't eat here, you can drive another 10 miles to St. Mary, which has perhaps three restaurants and a gas station with an enticing variety of jerky and chips. Luckily, Two Dog Flags has very good food and very gracious service.

I decided to try the lamb burger for a change both from beef and from the elk that you find everywhere in the park (including here). This turned out to be a delicious choice. The lamb had a distinctively lambey taste that was still delicate. It was balanced nicely by the feta cheese, which gave a creamy texture and a mellow note.

My server suggested this pound cake for dessert and his recommendation was spot on. The pound cake was moist and sweet; the strawberries were very fresh and firm. And as he pointed out, the serving size was small enough to be refreshing without being too heavy.

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