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Hsinchu, Taiwan: A Seafood Festival

I have no idea what Friday’s restaurant is called but boy was the food good. The owner has his own boat so the menu is based on what he catches along with what he sources from elsewhere. The evening’s menu is secret---you just wait to see what comes out.

Mise en place, Taiwan style.

This vegetable assortment reminded me a little of an Italian antipasto.

The sasimi was perfect.

This dish was a smorgasboard. The long thing is a smoked duck wing. The small oval is a slice of Taiwanese caviar.

The abalone was delivered to the table live, then steamed for us. The result was very tender and mild. Parts of the abalone were tough but most of it was very tender.

The steamed fish is rockfish, the best fish.

Taiwanese beer is very good.

The scallops were buttery. I don't remember what the brown cylinders were.

Mixed in with the radish slices are little tiny fish. I barely got a hint of the taste of the fish, a very subtle fish.

The crab was sweet and tender.

The fried rice included fish roe.

The lobster tail was of course perfect.

The fish soup was made with octopus and pork.

The vegetables were mixed with egg.

And everything ended, of course, with ice cream.


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