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Karlsruhe, Germany: Bfannftiel Biergarten

My friend Joerg and I spent a very nice evening catching up and reminiscing about New Jersey in his favorite beer garden. Is a very traditional German beer garden with wooden tables, umbrellas, and soccer on the TV.

The centerpiece of any biergarten is, of course, the beer. I am not a big beer fan but I really enjoyed this one. The taste was smooth and not overly bitter.

Of course, the evening also requires food. The goulash was excellent, hearty sauce with a very smooth bit of heat from the paprika. I really enjoy the dense, earthy bread.

p> Some salad.

p> Great weiner schnitzel with a brown sauce on the bottom, kept the dish moist but left the crunch on the top.

p> Gee, I think this was pork...

p> The pretzel with sweet mustard was very nice combination of sweet and savory

p> Some coffee to go with our dessert...

The apple strudel was outstanding: vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a light drizzle of chocolate.


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