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Dinner at Giant City State Park

Giant City State Park is located a few miles outside Carbondale IL. Their beautiful lodge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Their restaurant is very well known for its fried chicken dinner. And what better way to enjoy a fried chicken dinner than sitting outside in the beautiful Illinois woods? The chicken was excellent, the sides were superb, and the setting was food for my soul.
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Sourdough Bread

I don't often make white bread but I decided to make a fairly traditional sourdough loaf. I used the formula from The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I shaped a long loaf using towels. I put a bowl of water in the oven to add steam. The result was pleasing and comforting: dense crumb, thin but hard crust, great flavor.

Treats from Taiwan

My friend Steve sent a box from Taiwan filled with Taiwanese treats---candies and baked goods. Wow! Taiwan has a wonderful tradition of sweets.

Steaks On My PK Grill

I bought a new PK Grill and decided that steak was the perfect inaugural meat. Here are the coals getting ready. I had plenty of room for three large steaks. I put the lid down after a couple of minutes to reduce the flaming. The thermometer registered 350 degrees but I could still touch the lid with my bare hand. All that heat stayed inside. The steak was delicious---char on the outside, medium rare on the inside. I plan to explore the range of application for my new grill.

On The Road: Gates BBQ

Gates BBQ on the east side of Kansas City is becoming a standard stop. It offers easy access to the interstate, excellent food, a very welcoming staff, and plenty of space to eat. On this trip I ordered a half rack of ribs. I very much enjoyed tearing into the meat after a long drive.

On The Road: St. Louis Bread

Panera goes by the name St. Louis bread in that city. I stopped at a location on my way through town and had a very enjoyable, healthy lunch. I ordered my usual: half Casesar salad, half tomato soup. I ate in the parking lot. Delicious, filling, not at all heavy. The entier experience was refreshing and a great way to commence an afternoon of driving.

Sweet Roll Rolls for Breakfast

I wanted a low effort treat for breakfast. My solution was to pick up a roll of Pillsbury sweet rolls at the grocery store. My sweet roll was warm and fresh, plenty tasty. The omelet added protein for balance. I am grateful for this simple pleasure.