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Tokyo: BlendMeister Cafe

When I arrived at my hotel from the airport, I needed a small dinner. The only restaurant open was the bar. I ordered this miso chicken. It wasn't browned at all but the flavor was pretty good. The miso gave a nice flavor.
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NRT: Caffe Lat 25 Degrees

After my flight, a warm cup sounded appealing. I had a few minutes to kill before my bus and this emporium offered a chai ginger. This drink was a confection: sweet ginger tea, a thick layer of whipped cream on top. It definitely kept me going through check-in at the hotel.

Delta One to Tokyo

An upgrade to Tokyo gave me the chance to try Delta's latest menu. Given that Japanese food would be plentiful on my arrival, I went with the American menu. The ribs were satisfyingly meant. The bowl on the right is mushroom soup. The second course included both cheese and chocolate cake. The cheese course was my favorite.

My KitchenAid Mixer

This video gives me a chance to express my appreciation for the many years of faithful service that my KitchenAid mixer has given me. I also take a moment to discuss those nylon gears---do you really want to spend your life oiling your kitchen equipment?

Chamblee: Lunch at Mediterranean Bakery

An afternoon of errands gave me the chance to enjoy a light lunch at Mediterranean Bakery. The bakery is located in that little corner of Chamblee on the east side of I-85. I have been a fan of their breads for a long time but usually don't order anything more substantial. My falafel on pita was fery satisfying and just the right amount of food. I'm not sure of the name of that little pastry but I couldn't resist---it was great.

Steak au Poivre

I've posted a video here that shows how I made steak au poivre.