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LIncoln NE: Lunch at Shokunin

Witty and I headed to Shokunin for a lunch discussion. I started with a delicate salad; sesame dressing is a favorite. Witty highly recommended the salmon skin roll. His advice, as always, was spot on. The combination of intense flavor and small quantity makes for a great dish. The sushi platter is both excellent and large. The fish was very fresh with outstanding, delicate taste and texture.
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Lincoln NE: Dinner at Piedmont Bistro

Dinner at Piedmont Bistro started with this nicely creamy hummus. For my main course, I ordered this wonderful pork chop. It was thick, tender, juicy, and flavorful. The top had been beautifully grilled to give it a touch of extra texture. It took care of my meat requirements.

Banana Bread for Mom

Mom was in the mood for a treat. I made banana bread, a family favorite. I used the Betty Crocker recipe for the first time. The result was a tasty treat and warm memory.

Lincoln NE: Lunch at El Potrero

A lunch appointment led me to El Potrero in the Haymarket district. I decided to for salmon, the healthy option, which was also very enjoyable.

Vitamix as Grain Mill

I decided to try to use my Vitamix as a grain mill. I ran the blender for quite some time. Even so, I could see whole wheat berries in the mix. I underestimated the density of unground berries and went ahead with the loaf. The result was the disaster you see here. I will try again and grind longer. I suspect that the much larger chamber means that the berries spend less time in contact with the blades, resulting in less efficient grinding.

ATL: Dinner at Phillips

A night flight out of ATL, combined with lack of time to catch dinner before getting in the car, gave me the chance to revisit Phillips in D. I always enjoy Phillips whether in Atlanta or Maryland. For a change, I ordered blackened salmon. Everything was nicely done and the fish was very nourishing. The hush puppies were a great treat.

Dinner at Mr. Hui's

A dinner meeting at Mr. Hui's gave us the chance to try several new dishes.