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AMS: KLM Lounge

I was able to spend some time during my Amsterdam transfer at the KLM lounge on the Eurozone side of the airport. KLM's food isn't quite as varied as the offerings in the Delta lounge but is more than enough to offer a refreshing bite after a long flight. They have a few warm dishes and bread. I tried the mixed vegetables. Quite a large fruit selection. Of course, this is one of the major attractions of an airline lounge for many travelers.
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AMS: Neuhaus Chocolates

I transferred in Amsterdam for my trip to Europe. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity for me to grab some chocolate. I wanted to get a brand that isn't easily found in the U. S. Neuhaus, a prime Belgian chocolatier, fit the bill. This wonderful box of truffles was on sale; I also bought a bar of chocolate. The wonderful smell of the truffles filled my nose as soon as I opened the box. I have eaten several: perfect creamy texture, wonderful creamy taste. We will see how many of them make it back across the Atlantic.

Chamblee: 90 kabob

90 kabob is located in the Harmony Vegetarian shopping center. I was initially confused by the sign in 90 kabob's window advertising their commercial kabob service---they do, in fact, have a very nice dining room. The decor reminds me of a very stylish living room and is very comfortable. They are also well set up for takeout. I ordered four skewers: shrimp, okra, green beans, and eggplant. They were freshly cooked just for me and all very tasty. I asked for spicy so everything was coated in a medium-hot spice rub. My favorite was the okra. To my surprise, the skewer was a perfect way to cook the okra to tenderness; the spice rub was the crowning touch.

Restaurant Depot

Restaurant Depot is located in the Westside industrial district. I have driven by many times and finally decided to visit. Its stock turns out to be an interesting combination of equipment and food. These cans of tomato paste are a prime example---compare them to those teeny-weeny cans in your supermarket. If you are an equipment lover, you will pass by a tempting array of eqiupment choices on your way out, a supersized version of the candy/magazines display at your supermarket check out. This industrial version includes a 10 gallon Hobart mixer and a cotton candy machine the size of a washtub.

Cheese Board at Star Provisions

I very much enjoy Star Provisions' new digs as a place for lunch. The bright, airy space is restful and refreshing. And, of course, their food is great. I chose their cheese board for my lunch which turned out to be an excellent choice. The excellent cheeses spanned a range of flavors and textures. They were joined by nuts, peach jam, honey, and a rustic, raisin-studded bread. The meal was simultaneously hearty and flavorful.

Bagels in Brooklyn Heights

I'm not entirely sure of the name of this bagel establishment. I can say that they had an attractive assortment of bagels and other baked goods. They were open in the evening, which many bagel establishments are not. So I stopped in to pick up a bagel for my early morning ride to the airport. This is my egg bagel with everything. It was soft, pillowy, and rich. I enjoy the melange of the everything toppings.

Brooklyn: The Chocolate Room

After dinner, I stopped by The Chocolate Room for a small treat. Ihey offer a nice dining environment but I decided to stick with something that I could enjoy during my evening stroll. As you can see, they offer a wide range of beautiful chocolates. I went with a green tea truffle. It was beautiful on the outside. Inside, it offered taste rich with cream, chocolate, and that hint of tea. It was an exquisite treat.