Monday, February 13, 2017

Rochester NY: Plum House

Eby and I planned our latest proposal over an excellent sushi lunch at Plum House. The interior is very well decorated in a plum theme. Our service was very attentive but unintrusive.

We started off with this very nice spring roll. The lettuce wrapper was very refreshing.

This array of sushi was the combination of a number of choices, mostly Eby's. Everything was wonderful. My favorite was the pink roll in the middle, which combined chopped salmon and tuna.

Eby topped off the meal with some eel (sorry, no photo), while I ordered a nice dish of green tea ice cream.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spartanburg SC: Manny's

I decided to keep my dinner in Spartanburg low-key so I headed down the road to Manny's. It is a classic Greek-Italian family restaurant in both senses of the term: it is run by a family proud of its Greek roots; and its easy atmosphere and good, hearty food attracts lots of families.

This is my salad, simple but effective. The Italian dressing was classic and very enjoyable.

Here is my eggplant parmesan. That is a huge plate and it is covered with eggplant on top and spaghetti underneath. The eggplant was very enjoyable. The eggplant taste came through nicely, which doesn't always succeed in happening. The sauce had that classic Italian tang.

Spartanburg SC: Sugar 'n Spice

Sugar 'n Spice is a fixture in central Spartanburg. The sign alone makes a visit worthwhile. The line out the door testifies to the community's affection for this place, which has been here since 1961. The souvlaki on the menu testifies to the owners' Greek roots. But most of the menu is burgers and dogs.

This is a hamburger all in (I think that's the term), including onion rings, fries, cole slaw, and pickle slices. The onion rings hit my plate just seconds after they were pulled from the fryer. The food here is comfort food, not gourmet, but everything was good. The hit of the palte was the cole slaw. I am not normally a creamy cole slaw person, but this version was just milky enough without being sloppy. The finely chopped greens gave it a great texture.

And here is an inside view of the burger.

Spartanburg SC: The Farmer's Table

The Farmer's Table is located in eclectic northside downtown Spartanburg. It isn't easy to see from the road---it sits ensconced in a strip mall with a very small sign. The interior is bright and colorful. The service during my visit was a little off: I never got my fried green tomatoes and the kitchen ran out of glasses.

I ordered the salmon. It was very nicely cooked, very moist. The sauce was mild but pleasant. The broccoli was cooked just right, tender but with a little tooth, but unfortunately too salty for my taste. The fruit was good but I do wish they had peeled the orange slices.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Cuban Food

The Wednesday food vendor show is back for spring semester. Today I tried the new Cuban food tent. I'm not sure of their name but their food is quite good.

Here is my plantains with rice and bean. The cook drizzled a little hot sauce and added some onions on top. Everything was delicious. The plantains were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The rice and beans were very flavorful; I assume they were cooked with a broth.

The person in front of me ordered the pork which looked very tempting. But my next visit will probably concentrate on the tamales. You don't find fresh, handmade tamales every day.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Raduni is the latest entry into the Indian restaurant derby. It is located in the Publix center at Shallowford and I-85---go all the way in the back. They offer lunch buffets seven days a week and did a healthy business in take-out while I was there. But I was surprised that it is also set up as a nice sit-down restaurant. The tablecloths and painting of the Taj Majal help make this a place where you want to stay and eat. The service was very gracious and helpful.

The papadum were very good with a real taste of lentils. Let's face it, some papadum taste like wallpaper paste. But a good papadum is hard to beat. The chutneys were very good; I think my favorite was the onion.

I think this was the best vegetable korma I have had in quite some time. The sauce carried a rich mix of spices, many done with whole leaves and nuts; the different notes came through very clearly. And it was creamy without being overwhelming.

My garlic naan was very puffy and airy. The garlic was fresh and flavorful.

I also left with some takeout for a Super Bowl visit to the Contes: vegetable samosas, wings, and more papadum. Everything was a hit.

Radumi is a welcome addition and I will be back. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tucson AZ: Sausage Deli

I enjoyed my real-deal deli lunch at Sausage Deli. It is located on the north side of town. The restaurant may be longstanding, but the building is new and welcoming.

The menu isn't a sausage festival---this is a full-scale deli. I ordered my weakness, the pastrami, with extra pickles. The sandwich came on this beautiful bread. The meat was very good. The pickles were crisp and tart.