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Boxed Brownies

Part of me thinks that boxed cake mixes are cheating and low-grade. But a one dollar deal at Publix coupled with a need not to spend my entire day cooking tempted me. As you can see, the results were pretty good. Just the fact that the brownies come out hot and fresh makes them very appealing. I am grateful and I have learned a lesson.
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Italian Sausage Dinner

I don't often make Italian sausage at home. Perhaps I should put it on the playlist---it makes an easy and tasty meal. I browned the sausages, them cooked them in some canned sauce. I added pasta and a salad for a great meal. Good doesn't have to mean fancy or time-consuming.

Leftover Pot Roast Dinner

Efficiency with leftovers saves time as well as food. I coupled this leftover pot roast with home fried potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts. The combination made for a delicious meal for which I am grateful.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Pita in Peachtree Corners

Hunger and errands led me to a very enjoyable lunch from Pita. Once my falafel were freshly fried, I took my lunch to my car to enjoy. The pita were crunchy and very flavorful. They were wrapped in a soft, pillowy pita and complemented by a very nice sauce. My mixed vegetables were great. Thanks, folks!

Pot Roast for Dinner

This photo may not be attractive but the post roast sure was tasty. This dish is a meal-in-a-pot that requires only a few minutes of prep. You don't even have to cut the meat---everyone cuts their own at the table. The sale at Kroger on cuts of beef made the meal all the more enjoyable.

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Dinner from Harmony Vegetarian

A drive in the country can work up a surprising appetite. I capped off my wonderful sunset view with dinner from our friends at Harmony. I ordered my usual salt-and-pepper tofu, a wonderful treat. I was too hungry to take a photo of the excellent corn soup. It was hearty and sweet. I had enough left over for lunch the next day. Thanks, folks!

The Take-Out Lifestyle: Lunch from JR's

Can't beat a large pork sandwich and Brunswick stew.