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Hakone, Japan: Breakfast at Vert Bois

I enjoyed several breakfasts at Vert Bois (French for green wood, I believe) at my hotel in Hakone. I was able to enjoy wonderful views of the green wood surrounding Lake Hakone as I ate. This omelet in the shape of an eye, with the seam underneath, seems to be a tradition in Japan. I'm sure it take a good deal of practice to do this even once, let alone time after time. The sausages were somewhat in the style of hot dogs and were excellent. THe bread was similarly elegant, along with two different preserves. (Ketchup makes the third item in the array.)
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Hakone, Japan: A Fusion Dinner

I was able to enjoy an excellent dinner at the Prince hotel in Hakone. The menu, as you can see, mixed French and Japanese dishes.

Paducah KY: A Fourth of July Dinner

I arrived in Paducah on the evening of July 4 ready to eat. Unfortunately, not all restaurants are open on that evening. It took a little searching to find Longhorn Steakhouse. My salmon was satisfying and very nicely cooked. My bread was warm and comforting. This meal gave me everything I looked for and more and I am grateful that they were open on that holiday.

Des Moines: Grounds for Celebration

Mom and I wanted a relaxing break in our afternoon and Grounds for Celebration did the trick. Mom and I each ordered coffees. The coffee was excellent and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Des Moines: El Fogon

Mom and I ventured out for lunch and had a very enjoyable meal at El Fogon. The restaurant makes its own guacamole and tortillas in booths right in the middle of the restaurant floor. The chips were nicely fresh and the salsa gave just the right amount of bite. My chicken mole was very good: moist chicken, smooth sauce. The mole had notes of spice, sweetness, and savoriness. My handmade corn tortillas were warm, soft, and wonderfully comforting. I guess we will have to come back for some of that guacamole.

Des Moines: Mi Patria Ecuadorean Restaurant

I had seen Mi Patria on TV and looked forward to the opportunity to visit. Mom and I greatly enjoyed our lunch and the warm hospitality of the proprietors. We started with these fried plantain patties, which are wonderful comfort food. This is my fritada con mode. The pork was succulent and very porky. The white corn was delicious and something that I'm not sure that I have ever had before. Mom enjoyed a sandwich that she reported was excellent.

A Dutch Baby for Mom

Mom loves the Dutch baby pancake so I made one for her on a recent visit. The apple version is her favorite so I poured the eggy batter over a sliced apple. About thirty minutes later, the pancake was puffy and soft. As always, it was tasty and very satisfying.