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Lincoln: (402) Creamery

I was in the mood for a small treat to take me through my flight. (402) Creamery in the Haymarket fit the bill. The proprietors explained that their ice cream is made with the assistance of local Nebraska cows. My chocolate was rich, the cream very creamy. This is excellent ice cream. The cookie was outstanding as well---sweet and just pliable enough.
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Lincoln: Student Center Pizza

In need of a fast, slightly indulgent lunch, we headed for the student center outpost of Valentino's Pizza. The pizza was enjoyable. It sported a thicker crust than is traditional for New York pizza. The sauce and cheese both hit the craving buttons. The salad was quite large and my vinaigrette dressing was enjoyably light.

Lincoln: The Normandy

I greatly enjoyed my elegant, relaxing meal at The Normandy. The atmosphere and service were in the grand French and Swiss traditions thanks to the Swiss owner/chef. The food was outstanding. I started the meal with a cup of mushroom soup, accompanied of course by bread. The soup delivered on the combination of earthy savoriness that one looks for in this dish. My salmon was perfectly prepared. The suprise star of the plate was the asparagus. These stalks were at the peak of their freshness and flavorfulness. Perfect preparation highlighted the ingredient. The chocolate fondue was sold out but I greatly enjoyed my chocolate mousse, both rich and fluffy. I guess I will have to return for a fondue...

Lincoln: Imperial Palace

A quick campus lunch was the order of the day and Imperial Palace, an outpost of a Lincoln Chinese restaurant, fit the bill. My dumplings were very tasty, with good pastry and rich filling. My vegetables with brown sauce topped me off for the afternoon with a savory touch.

Update: Wilderness Ridge

I enjoyed a steak at Wilderness Ridge almost exactly a decade ago. My UNL friends took me back for another very enjoyable dinner. My salad was very light and fresh; the balsamic dressing was similarly light. We enjoyed some good, dense bread. My steak was outstanding; I asked for some mushrooms on talk. The mixed vegetables were fresh and nicely crispy. I also ordered a side of corn that gave a delicious sweet corn flavor. My cherry pie was excellent with a superb flaky crust.

Lincoln NE: Lan House

My Nebraska friends suggested Lan House for a good Chinese lunch near campus. As usual, their suggestion was spot on. My dish came with this comforting bowl of egg drop soup. The dumplings were tender and flavorful with a dash of vinegar. The restaurant's name comes from their Lan Zhou noodle. My bowl of noodles had the trademark toothiness and plump richness of handmade Lan Zhou. The hot sauce gave the tofu a nice punch and infused the noodles as well. Lots of complex flavor, great stuff.