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Steak Dinner

For dinner I broiled a t-bone from Super Saver. The price of beef has definitely risen; this steak was a relative good deal. Paired with home fries it made for a superb dinner for which I am thankful.
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The Take-Out Lifestyle: LaMar's Donuts

I took an opportunity to try LaMar's Donuts downtown. They are a local favorite; I understand that locations are around several states. I was so mesmerized by this case that I almost forgot to look at the second case next to it. I restrained myself to a half-dozen. I didn't eat all of them, unfortunately. I can testify that my donut was everything you want in a donut: tender, flavorful, sweet, perfect with coffee. Thanks, folks!

Biscuits And Gravy For Dinner

I was hungry for gravy; why not dinner? I whipped up a batch of gravy using some of my chicken stock. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner by adding some leftover chicken and some green beans. A real treat and not very hard to do.

Indian MRE For Lunch

Indian MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) is my term for the Indian dishes sold in silver packets. I came to appreciate them in Atlanta. I was happy to find that several stores in Lincoln also stock them, albeit at a slightly price. These meals combine the rich flavors of Indian food with stone-cold convenience, with a dash of bargain thrown in. I can stock up at the store and keep a few on the shelf. When the mood for Indian hits me, or when I don't have time to prepare my own lunch, I just pull one out, heat, and eat. These meals are a blessing on any day.

Spatchcocked Roast Chicken

I decided to roast a chicken for a change of pace. I spatchcocked the bird using my cleaver, spread some oil on the skin, and spread it out on the roasting pan for cooking at high heat. I served a half chicken with a roasted carrot and home fries. I saved the other half of the chicken for another dinner, then used the bones to make stock. Save and reuse...

Two Italian Braid Loaves

I made a pair of Italian braids: one for me, one to give away. My mixer jumped around as it kneaded the double batch. I rotated the pans between top and bottom racks in the oven. In the end, everything was delicious.

Pork and Beans

I soaked some dried beans, cooked them in chicken stock with a little onion, and added some of Witty's pork. The result was very hearty and tasty. Beans and pork play together very well to deliver a meal that feels solid.