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KR Steakbar

A visit by Dimitrios is usually accompanied by a meeting over steak. This was an opportunity to try KR Steakbar, located in an quiet part of Buckhead. Bread came first. We kept hunger at bay with an antipasti plate: prosciutto, cheese, olives, nuts, honey. Everything was excellent, although we remarked that by New Jersey standards this was a sample plate. Dimitrios went with the classic ribeye. He reported it to be excellent. For variety, I tried the shell steak, which was meaty and tender. It was topped with very finely shaved horseradish, an interesting combination of boldness and subtlety thanks to the small shavings. The fingerling potatoes were sprinkled with cheese before cooking. The roasted cheese gives a good, sharp edge to the potatoes. The fresh pappardelle was outstanding. The sauce was made with smoked tomatoes, something I have never had before and very much enjoyed, with the smoky flavor coming through very well. We finished up with coffee.
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Apple Strudel

I decided to use my apples from Mercier Orchards to make an apple strudel based on the recipe from Classic German Baking. The dough is fairly simple but includes a good amount of oil. The stretchiness provided by the oil is critical to the strudel technique. I rolled out the dough and then started to stretch it by hand. I managed to stretch the dough to twice its original rolled-out size. I managed to make only one little tear. I toasted some bread crumbs in butter to create a base for the apples. I soaked raisins in whiskey to add to the apples. I laid the filling over the dough and pulled up the sides. I kept the dough on the apron to help transfer it to the baking pan. I used an apron because I didn't have a towel big enough. Transferring the strudel to the pan was the hard part. I worked very slowly and gently to move a little at a time. Even so, I added several tears to the dough. The result was wonderful. The thinly stretched dough bakes to m…

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I was in the mood for something comforting to eat. The cheese in my refrigerator inspired me to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I started with two slices of my 100% whole wheat bread which I toasted on both sides in butter. Once the slices were warm, I laid down some mozzarella. I then put the two halves together and let the sandwich cook, occasionally pressing down on it using my spatula. The result was everything that I had hoped for. The cheese melted nicely without being messy. The whole wheat bread's nuttiness perfectly complemented the cheese. And the butter sealed the deal.

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Mercier Orchards

The Wednesday farmers' market is back at Georgia Tech. The nice folks from Mercier Orchards are back as well, lugging their boxes of wonderful apples. I picked up a medium container of two different varieties, although I'm not entirely sure what varieties they are. These beauties were destined for my latest cooking project.

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Momonoki

Momonoki is hidden on the I-75 access road at 8th street. It serves Japanese fast casual food: noodles and sandwiches. As you can see, they have a large outside eating area as well as inside seating. This dish serves a savory sauce alongside noodles, bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, and pork belly. I poured the sauce into my bowl and got busy. The sauce itself has a good dose of fish sauce. My favorite aspects of the dish were the pork belly and egg, which were very satisfying and homey. The noodles had a nice chewy texture.

Farewell to Pasta Rollers

When I pulled my Kitchenaid pasta rollers out of the box, I noticed that one roller wobbled as it turned. The wobble was a good quarter inch---totally unacceptable for any sort of rolling. I decided to take apart the rollers to see if I could fix them. I made a little progress but was unable to take off this plate; on the other end, the thickness knob had no set screw and seemed to be tightly fitted. Even if I had been able to take it apart, getting it back together would have been difficult---those tabs are the main supports of the roller box. I have owned these rollers for many years but have used them only infrequently, perhaps a dozen times over the past many years. I am disappointed that they haven't given me more use. I am not completely surprised that their demise came so soon. Just another reason to go back to hand methods.

Forsyth GA: The Pickled Okra

A wandering tour of south Georgia led me to Forsyth and The Pickled Okra. It's located on the town square in a cozy spot that has clearly been a restaurant for awhile. The decor is fun and the staff was very courteous and helpful. I decided for a fried food orgy and ordered some onion rings and fried okra. The onion rings were good. The fried okra was fantastic, blending both a great crust and some real tender vegetable taste. I really enjoyed my stop here and can imagine stopping again on another meander.