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Omaha NE: Modern Love

My friend Steve introduced me to Modern Love, a vegan restaurant in Omaha. They recently expanded, a sign of their popularity. The space was welcoming and bustling; the staff was great. We started with two appetizers. The brussel sprouts struck the right balance between crunchiness and softness, topped off with great flavor. The vegan mozzarella balls combined a delicious creamy interior with one of the best crusts I've seen on this type of item. My homemade ginger ale soon came. It walked the line between sweet and spicy perfectly. Steve ordered this tofu and vegan pasta dish which he declared to be wonderful. My lasagne was outstanding. The tomato sauce was bright with a touch of sweetness; the interior combined vegan pasta, vegan cheese, and some beautiful vegetables. The bread was great, too. We both love figs and split this fig dessert. It was rich without being overly sweet; the pastry was wonderful.
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Chocolate Pound Cake Muffins With Hazelnuts

In the mood for a treat, I decided to make a batch of chocolate pound cake from The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. I added hazelnuts from my pantry. The recipe calls for a bundt or pound cake pan. I didn't have one handy so I decided to make them as muffins. I had to monitor their baking progress since the times in the recipe didn't apply. The result was a lot of fun: chocolaty, moist, big enough to be indulgent.

Lincoln NE: Daffodil

Witty recommended Daffodil in south Lincoln for great food. As always, he is right. The restaurant is small and simple. The hospitality is like a big hug; a portrait of the owner and chef hangs on the wall. And the food is outstanding. We will spend more time on the pastries in a minute. The buffet of main courses and sides is the centerpiece. The chef's son guided me through the dishes and gave me a small plate full of samples. You really can't refuse these small bites, they are part of the welcoming process. I tried several meat dishes and all were outstanding. I went vegetarian for my main courses. The eggplant was excellent; the sauce reminded me of those I've had in outstanding New Jersey Italian restaurants. The chick peas were hearty and wonderfully spiced. I couldn't end my meal without a baklava. The pastry was flaky, soaked in flavorful honey. The pistachios were crunchy and full of flavor. Witty tells me that the rose baklava are …

Breakfast at the Moonrise Hotel

The Moonrise Hotel is a modern hotel on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis. The hotel shares the loop's emphasis on fun. My breakfast was anchored by this very nice veggie omelet: tender eggs, fresh veggies. (I decided not to include cheese to avoid the calories.) The hash browns play a key supporting role with their cruncy outside, creamy inside. And the coffee kept coming. Very nice breakfast.

St. Louis: Three Kings

A meeting brought me to St. Louis. Upon arrival, I met my colleagues at Three Kings for dinner and discussion. The restaurant is located in the classic Delmar district. Located near the site of the St. Louis World's Fair, it captures some of the old-fashioned fun and optimism of the early 20th century. I went for a light dinner of a salad with salmon. The portion was generous, the salmon very flavorful. This meal hit the spot.

Lincoln NE: Banhwich Cafe

Witty tipped me off to Banhwich Cafe, located in Lincoln's large Vietnamese community and near the UNL campus. The atmosphere is bright and cheery and the staff very helpful. This is my Ultimate Banhwich: pork belly, pate, fried egg. Wow! This is rich but not overpowering. The flavors mix together perfectly. The toppings are crisp and fresh. And the Vietnamese coffee goes perfectly with the meats, providing a bit of a palate cleansing with each sip. I'm afraid that I won't be able to order anything else when I come back.