Saturday, January 24, 2009

Des Moines: Chocolaterie Stam

There's no better way to celebrate a Tokyo->Des Moines flight than chocolate...

Stam's sign says "Amsterdam Des Moines".  I've never visited their Amsterdam location, but their stores' ambiance, particularly the Ingersoll Avenue location, show a European influence.  The Ingersoll store is decorated and furnished with heavy wood furniture and rich fabrics that recall old world Europe; their style stands in stark contrast to See's new world tile efficiency.

I just returned from the store and am enjoying their hot chocolate. The milk is well-balanced with the chocolate. A more exclusively chocolate drink has its charms but I appreciate the milk after spending the past day stowed in an airplane hold. Their chocolates are excellent---I'm looking forward to the hazelnut pieces---and they have a large selection of sugar-free chocolate.
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