Friday, February 6, 2009

Eating with Georgia Tech

A string of meals with colleagues allows me to discuss several different types of food. For yesterday's lunch, I went with Mary Jean Harrold to a relatively new campus establishment, the Coffee Snob in the IBB building.  I'm a big fan of their salad, which has an impressive array of ingredients.  I'm an even bigger fan of their matte.  I had assumed that it was some sort of Indian variation on a latte, but the owner tells me that it's from a South American plant.  It's a wonderfully spicy drink.  I get it with skim milk and no honey because I don't think it needs sweetening.

Yesterday's dinner was further from campus.  Vince Mooney and I went to Mezza in north North Druid Hills.  They serve Lebanese food in a tapas format.  The food is excellent and the small plates allow you to sample more dishes, which is always nice when you aren't an expert in the cuisine.  The atmosphere is chic.  And as a bonus, the owner is a Georgia Tech grad.

Today's lunch was at Noodles in midtown with Sung Kyu Lim.  It's an Asian fusion noodle place.  I have an intrinsic bias against Asian fusion, which I see as a marketing gimmick, not a cuisine.  But the noodles were tasty and plentiful.

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