Monday, March 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter Blvd.: Happy Valley

Jimmy Carter Boulevard is, like Buford Highway, a living museum of cultural variety.  I've eaten at Chinese restaurants and BBQ joints within a few minutes of each other on this road.  Happy Valley is near the intersection of Jimmy Carter and I-85. Like many Chinese restaurants around Atlanta, this one seems to be run by Vietnamese purveyors; this sort of thing bothers some of my Chinese friends but not me.  Seafood is a specialty of Happy Valley but I've haven't yet tried some of their more interesting specialites. They have a large number of fish tanks in the restaurant's entrance but I usually end up succumbing to the dim sum. The regular dishes are well execyted, The peas in my mapo tofu were full of chlorophyll flavor; the peas in such a dish would have be easy for the cooks to skimp on. Happy Valley Seafood on Urbanspoon

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