Sunday, March 8, 2009


The strip mall on Buford Highway where Pandahar is located is eclectic even by Atlanta standards: Ethiopian, Salvadorean, South American, Ryan's Steak House, bowling alley. We went there at the recommendation of my colleage Yorai Wardi. It's too bad that we didn't take his advice sooner.

I have less experience with Bangladeshi food than with Indian food. The basic style of Bangladeshi food seems reminiscent of north Indian cooking but with some special dishes. Egg dishes seem particularly popular.

What sets Pandahar apart is their spices. Two dishes that one normally doesn't pay much attention to were wonderfully spiced. The lentil soup was rich and delicately spicy. The iced tea was also spiced---a wonderful intersection of American Southern and Bangladeshi cuisines.

Lunch was a buffet that is ridiculously cheap given the quality of the food. They also push nan---they come out regularly to the tables and hand out hot, fresh slices. Luckily, they cut them into small pieces so you don't have to feel too guilty.

The owner is one of the most charming hosts that I've met in this city. He is very outgoing without being pushy and makes everyone feel very welcome.

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