Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fox Bros. BBQ

Fox Bros. is one of the many fun establishments in the Inman Park area. It's atmosphere is definitely more upscale than, for example, Daddy Dz's. The vibe is proto-sports bar, with TVs tuned to ESPN.

I tried the beef short ribs, which is not a traditional BBQ dish. But it was excellent. The meat was very tender but with just enough of a tug to give you the texture that meat eaters crave. The sauce was very subtle---neither too sweet nor too spicy. The most surprising aspect of the meal was the fried okra. Most fried okra in these parts is made of slices of okra. Fox Bros. breads and fries the whole okra pod. I consider this a noble but not entirely successful experiment. The green beans, however, were excellent. They were cooked with meat that imparted a nice but not overpowering flavor. They make you feel as if you are eating healthily; whether or not that's the case is something that I will leave to the medical professionals.

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