Sunday, May 17, 2009


Fritti, on North Highland Avenue, specializes in Italian-style artisanal pizza, as compared to New York style. So let's get right to it.

I decided to try the sausage and green pepper pizza. The sausage was very dense, which I enjoy; I thought its spicing was good but not excellent. As with an Italian-style pizza, the cheese and sauce were applied in relatively small quantities as compared to New York style. This gives your mouth more space to enjoy the bread. A recent review in Atlanta Cuisine said that Fritti's bread isn't very bready, a judgement with which I concur. However, the texture and crunch were just right.

My dessert, a chocolate and panna cotta tart, was excellent. The chocolate wasn't overpowered by added sugar. The bite of the chocolate was balanced by the panna cotta, which is a more natural way to achieve the richness that one wants in a dessert. Fritti on Urbanspoon

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