Thursday, May 7, 2009

OK Cafe

OK Cafe is at West Paces Ferry Road and I-75.  The decor is 1940's wood coffee shop.  The effect is spooky---I know that everything there is new but I feel like I have stepped back into an old restaurant in the mountains.

The menu is not ironic but accurately reflects what one would expect from this sort of restaurant.  But there are twists.  The meats, for example, are hormone-free and organic, which is always welcome.  And my garden salad was very well done. The lettuce was very crisp; the balsamic vinaigrette dressing had a wonderful bite.  I thought about getting the turkey and dressing, but I decided to go with the hamburger.  I wish that the patty had been a little thicker, just for mouth feel, but it was very well prepared. The pickle slices that came with it were breaded and fried, something I've never seen before. (Is this, like fried okra with complete pods, another show of my naivete?)  The french fries were of the thin variety. They had a perfect combination of crispy outside and tender inside.
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