Friday, May 15, 2009

The Vortex Midtown

Let me say upfront that I am too old to eat at the Vortex and I know it.  They say they card people at the door to keep underage drinkers out, but it's actually to keep out senior citizens like me.  I somehow escaped their dragnet.  I went there at the behest of my colleague Gabe Loh, who brought a faculty posse with him:

The Vortex has been on TV for its burgers loaded with a wide range of cholesterol-laden accessories.  Because I am elderly, I stuck with the Plain Old Burger, on the excuse that it let me concentrate on the meat.  The meat and the bun were both of very high quality.   I ordered fried plantains with mine, which were much more enjoyable than fries would have been.  Here it is:

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