Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eating around Georgia Tech: Toscano and Sons

Toscano and Sons is in one of the new developments at Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road. I was joined there by my Georgia Tech colleagues Lisa Caudill and Brenda White for lunch the other day. As they pointed out, just the fact that there's parking makes it worth the visit. Unfortunately, I lost my cell phone, so the photos of this visit are lost to history.

The main fare is sandwiches, which are served in a more European style. The bread is very fresh with a hard crust and tender inside. I went for the Genoa, which has Genoa salami and asagio. It's billed as spicy, but it's pleasantly hot, not a challenge to one's breathing. The salami was great---that sort of thing is hard to find in this neck of the woods and it was a very refreshing treat. I had an Italian soda with it, one of the ones that isn't too sweet but doesn't taste like cough syrup. Lisa and Brenda went for the gelato, which they declared was excellent. Toscano & Sons Italian Market on Urbanspoon

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