Friday, June 5, 2009

Philadelphia: Reading Terminal Market

Jason Schlessman and I visited Reading Terminal Market, which is a century-old market in Center City Philadelphia. It has a wide range of vendors, including both ingredients and food stands.

Lunch was at Pearl's Oyster Bar. We were in a seafood mood, but an additional attraction was that they have a counter, so we didn't have to walk around and eat. I tried the combination platter. As you can see, it was a festival of fried food: trout, scallops, oysters, and crabcake. The crust was excellent. The crabcake was pretty good, though it was sort of drowned out by all of the other foods. I enjoyed the fried trout---this wasn't how I would think to prepare a trout, but I liked it.

We then went onto the main reason to go to the market, Bassett's Ice Cream. It is 150 years old and the only original tenant of the market. Jason went for a cup of ice cream. They do an incredible volume here and it's strictly standup, but that's how you want to eat ice cream.

I had a malted milk shake---these are hard to find and I take advantage of them whenever I can. Their ice cream didn't disappoint. It's very rich and (I hate to say it) creamy. A few other places I know of make ice cream this good---Rick's Rather Rich in Palo Alto comes to mind---but I haven't yet found anything in Atlanta to match. Reading Terminal Market on Urbanspoon

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