Friday, September 4, 2009

Eating Around Georgia State: Rosa's Pizza

I just tried Rosa's Pizza. It's been on my list ever since I found that they advertise themselves as Atlanta's only New York style pizza. They certainly advertise their credentials. The walls are covered with the required photos of Sopranos cast members (Sinatra is too old fashioned these days). It was pretty hard to find, though. It's on Broad Street, on a block with a lot of small, interesting looking restaurants. If I were at Georgia State, I'd probably be there every day.

This was a very stringent test. First, I had slices. Moreover, I was the very last customer of the day, which is not necessarily an auspicious position. They gave me my slices in a box and closed the door behind me; I ate in the car. But the pizza was superb. Let me be clear: by far the best slice in Atlanta; almost certainly the best crust in Atlanta. The crust was the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. This is truly great neighborhood pizza.

How does it stack up against Mama Niki's? That will require careful analysis of many, many pizzas. It's tough work, but someone has to do it... Rosa's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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