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5 Seasons Breweing

My restaurant connection, Leslie, showed me another interesting spot. 5 Seasons Brewing is at the intersection of Roswell Road and the perimeter, located in the Target shopping mall. It is an upscale brewpub. The bar has a sports flavor but the table seating is a little calmer.

We both really enjoyed our salads. I had the traditional wedge with bleu cheese and Leslie had a beet salad. Both were flavorful and well prepared.

To balance the rabbit food we ordered a margherita pizza. I have to say that it was successful as upscale bar food but not as a traditional pizza. As you can see, it has tomato chunks on it, but no tomato sauce. Strictly speaking, a margherita has sauce. The crust was nice and crisp but lacked the chewy texture that you get from a hard-core pizza dough and oven.

I'm the wrong person to ask about the beer, but Leslie reports that they are excellent and come in a wide variety. Five Seasons Prado on Urbanspoon


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