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Chamblee: Chateau de Saigon

Saibal recommended Chateau de Saigon to me. It's on Buford Highway in the sweet spot of the Asian food district. The decor and ambiance are relatively upscale and sophisticated.

I don't know much about Vietnamese food, but it had many items that were unfamiliar to me. They had a few standard Chinese dishes, but most of them seemed to be true Vietnamese. The waitress more or less insisted that I try this "burnt rice" dish. The rice isn't charred, just cooked enough (as if on the bottom of the rice cooker) to make anice pancake. The hot pot had pork with a simple brown/red sauce. You spoon the pork and sauce and pancake. It was wonderful---the pork was exquisite. The rice pancake was completely new to me and a real treat. I would think that the rice pancake would be easy to screw up for the uninitiated, but mine was just the right combination of textures. Chateau de Saigon on Urbanspoon


  1. I love Vietnamese food. I'll have to check this place out when I arrive in a few weeks.


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