Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Strip is in the restaurant zone in Atlantic Station. It's a steak and sushi place with a glossy, modern interior. I did't go to the upper floor but it seems to have some nightclub space.

I was in a protein mood so I started out with some sushi and sasimi. My favorite, predictably enough, was the buttery salmon.

Then I had a steak. I like ribeyes but I didn't want to eat that much, so I had a strip steak. It was a good, pleasant experience but not a memorable one. Similarly, the fries were nice and crispy but I think should have been given more zing with a bigger dose of salt. They do have small-portion desserts, which I greatly appreciate. The cheesecake was similarly OK, but a little too much gelatin; the best cheesecakes are all about the cheese.

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