Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Joey D's

I've been curious about Joey D's since I moved here. It's near Perimeter Mall, so I drive by it regularly, and the thought of an Italian steak house is always tantalizing. This is part of a chain, not family owned, but I came away very satisfied nonetheless. The decor is steak house moderne---more light and air but still with the wood theme that we see in so many steak houses.

My salad was very enjoyable; I think it had some pignoli in it, among other items. I was a little surprised that they didn't have a wedge salad on the menu, though. My ribeye was great. It was a very nice cut, just enough char, and it was perfectly done. For dessert, I had their cheesecake which comes from Carnegie Deli in New York. Too many cheesecakes are gelatin-heavy but a proper cheesecake is very cheesy. This was a proper cheesecake---wonderful and big enough that I couldn't finish it.

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