Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hob Nob

Hob Nob is in Virginia Highlands across from Ansley Mall. (It used to be a Caribou Coffee, in case you're wondering.) It's a pub with upscale pub food. I usually don't get that excited about pub food. It is typically pretty functional and designed for people who are concentrating on their beer. Since I don't drink, I don't usually expect much in the way of food. But Hob Nob's food was very good, definitely worth a visit even if you don't plan to drink.

I started with a salad with the beer-based house salad, which was great. The dressing is very subtle but unmistakable. I got a cheeseburger. The meat was very juicy and well prepared. The cheese and mushrooms both gave very rich flavors. The bun was great, too.

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