Monday, November 22, 2010

Sandy Springs: Mirage Persian Cuisine

Category: Local evening out place.
Verdict: Enjoyable evening, great for sharing.

Yu and I decided to try Mirage, one of the restaurants on Sandy Springs' Middle Eastern Row. It's a standard strip mall location but the interior is fairly nice.

We started with an eggplant appetizer. The eggplant was pureed with a few onion crisp-style springs on top, presumably of eggplant. It was served with a flat bread plus the dish of accompaniments that seems to be common in the Middle East: walnuts, mint, etc. (I particularly love the fresh mint.) A lot of the dishes combine sweet and savory and we both went in that direction for our main dishes. Yu ordered a lamb skewer with a rice flavored with fruit and nuts. I went for a chicken stew with a sweet sauce. My dish had a rich, thick gravy that was filled with sweet fruits and ground nuts. The result was very, very sweet. Although I enjoyed it, eating the whole thing myself was a big much. Dishes this sweet are best shared. Yu was very satisfied with her skewer.

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  1. This is something of a personal favorite. It's unpretentious yet good. It would be worth comparing this restaurant's kabobs with those of Fuego Mundo down the road, sometime.