Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goldberg's Bagels

Category: Chain of neighborhood restaurants
Summary: An honest deli experience
Circumstances led me to a late lunch/early dinner at Goldberg's Bagels. I originally was looking for a snack but I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and eat a little early.  The best way to try more than one thing was the soup and sandwich combo. This is the chicken soup, my favorite part of the meal.  It was rich, filled with meat and vegetables. I give it an A for presentation, too. As you can see, they also serve Dr. Brown's soda, a New York favorite that is not always easy to find here.

Although I was tempted by the reuben, I couldn't resist the hot pastrami.  I tend to have reference dishes at certain types of restaurants---things I order on my first trip so that I can easily compare to other restaurants. The pastrami was definitely tasty. The pickle was fine but not my style; I prefer a pickle with more snap in both texture and acid.

Overall, I can't quite rank Goldberg's in the same class as some of the top NYC delis.  But it is authentic and good. They have an extensive deli counter that seems to have everything you want. Overall, pretty good and much easier than getting on a plane.

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