Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Decatur: Burnt Fork BBQ

Category: Definitely worth a stop, perhaps worth a drive.
Summary: Juicy, tender, flavorful meat; friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Burnt Fork BBQ came into Decatur in stealth mode.  It's at Church and Commerce, around the corner from McDonald's.  I noticed a small sign the other day and just made it in.  The place is in a convenience store style location but it has been fully renovated.  We've seen a move toward buzzword compliance (organic/local/sustainable) to simple foods like burgers and BBQ.  Burnt Fork follows along those lines. As is increasingly common in BBQ, they make several different regional styles.  The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming; one of the gals I spoke to said they have been open for about six weeks.

I went for the brisket sandwich and some cole slaw.  The brisket was very tender with just a little bit of tooth, which I like.  It was very moist and juicy.  It came with some of the fat attached, which I also like.  They have a wide variety of sauces from different parts of the country, part of their BBQ nation theme. The roll was of good quality.  I do wish it were just a little smaller so that the meat/bread ratio were a little higher.  The cole slaw was very fresh and good.

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