Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pappy Red's B-B-Que, a.k.a. P. Red's

Category: Great casual neighborhood place.
Verdict: Great ribs, unpretentious atmosphere.

I finally made it to Pappy' Red's, a.k.a. P. Red's.  It's on Chattahoochee off Howell Mill in the west side warehouse district.  Any BBQ place with an airplane on the roof is worth trying; I'm not sure why it took me so long.  This building used to be something non-descript.  They've renovated inside to be neat and tidy, but I wouldn't call this a P.C. BBQ place.  The clientele was also eclectic, just as befits a BBQ joint.

I loved my pork ribs.  They were the best I've had in awhile: meaty, juicy, very tender with just a hint of toothiness.  I liked their idea of serving a toasted hamburger bun in place of white bread.  I enjoyed the crunchiness and I've always hated that gummy white bread that so many places serve.  The rice and beans were spiced well but not hot.  I was pretty happy with the cole slaw.

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P Reds BBQ

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