Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chris's Pizza House

Chris's Pizza in Toco Hill Shopping Center is one of those old familiar places.  Although the name emphasizes pizza, it's best to think of it as closer to a Greek diner with an emphasis on pizza.  I've eaten there many times and had pasta, chicken parm, etc.  The decor is wonderful.  They have managed astonishingly well to approximate the atmosphere of a restaurant in Greece given that they are in an Atlanta strip mall.  The decor is white with sea blue seats.  The entire space is lit by two huge skylights that give the sort of natural light that makes the Mediterranean such an appealing place.

I had the pizza lunch special.  My Greek salad was of the lettuce variety but it was very pleasant.  This is my pizza with green mushrooms on top.  The pizza is workmanlike.  The crust is medium thick and just a little tough.  But it is perfectly fine and today the location definitely made this stop worthwhile.

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