Monday, May 2, 2011

Davinci's Pizzeria

Category: Fun neighborhood Midtown pizzeria.
Verdict: Tasty pizza, laid back style, good parking.

Davinci's, an OTP pizzeria, has opened a location on West Peachtree in Midtown.  It's a casual atmosphere.  You order at the counter; they have a nice covered patio with a lot of seating.  Better yet, they have free parking, a plus in this neighborhood.

I had a salad and a pizza. The house salad was pretty good, although the balsamic dressing was fairly bland.  I ordered an individual pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and red peppers.  Overall, I really enjoyed it; having it come out of the oven piping hot was certainly a factor.  The crust was good, although it could be a little chewier to meet true NYC standards.  The roasted red peppers made a great topping.

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