Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decatur: Iberian Pig

The Iberian Pig is on the Decatur MARTA square.  The decor is rustic elegance.  I was given a window seat because I ate dinner early, but it's a popular place in the evening so don't get your hopes up.

The menu is tapas.  This photo shows three (well, 2-1/2 actually) of my four items: Salchicho sausage, Manchego cheese,  and bacon wrapped dates.  The pork cheek tacos didn't make into this photo.  This choice of items was inspired by my visit to Jaleo in Washington DC that I blogged about earlier this year.  As in DC, the bacon wrapped dates were the big hit---these came on top of a bed of mashed sweet potato, which gave a great sweet note to contrast with the bacon.  The sausage was very delicate and good.  The cheese was very good although a little different than I expected.  The tacos were good but for some reason just didn't excite me the way the other dishes did.  Overall, a very successful meal.  I would unquestionably go again.

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