Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Decatur: Mac McGee

Mac McGee is on the square at the Decatur Metro station.  It is an upscale pub that is true to the form in both atmosphere and menu.  The food is the sort of food you would expect in a pub---burgers and other hearty food---but done with quality ingredients and a twist.

I tried the house corned beef and some sauteed spinach.  The sandwich was on handmade bread that had excellent texture and flavor.  The corned beef was subtle, not obviously corny.  As much as I enjoyed the sandwich, the spinach was the big hit.  I'm not entirely sure what they did to it, but the result was a twist on what could have been a dull side.  When a beefeater's pub can make a vegetable the hit of the meal, then you know that they can cook.

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