Sunday, June 12, 2011

Buford Highway: Nam Phuong

I thought that name sounded familiar...I heard about a new Vietnamese restaurant on Buford Highway and realized as I drove up that I had been to the Norcross version last month.  This one is across from Plaza Fiesta Shopping Center in Pho #1's old location.  The room has been spruced up.   The bones of the place are good---it has three glass walls to provide a light-filled environment.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure I know how to order at this place.  I ordered a broken rice dish served with BBQ pork and I somehow expected a somewhat different presentation.  I had a similar problem last month as well.  Not to complain, though.  I used the opportunity to sample their selection of sauces.  The garlic chili was my favorite.  The garlic gives enough of a different spin on the chili to make the sauce more than heat.  Don't get me wrong, it was hot.  I didn't start to cry, so it wasn't extremely hot, but it took about 15 minutes for my mouth to go from the I-can't-feel-my-tongue-against-the-roof-of-my-mouth stage to the pleasant tingling stage.  I crave strong flavors right now, so the garlic chili really hit the spot. I liked it so much that I went across the street to Fiesta Farmers Market and bought a jar.

I must say that the service here is sporadic.  Our group had spotty service in Norcross but we thought it might be because we had a large group.  I got the same service this time---it's just the way they roll.

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  1. They have cleaned up their act. Service is spot on and the food is super fresh and very tasty. A cut above other Vietnamese Restaurants on Buford Highway.

  2. I've had Vietnamese food now in numerous restaurants in three different cities and have to say that Nam Phuong has some of the best Vietnam cuisine at this place. I went here with my filipino friends and I had their rolls, which are a good portion and the food quality is second to none. Every time I leave here I can barely move. Highly recommend.