Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Decatur: Kitsch'n 155

Kitsch'n 155 is just north of the VA Hospital on Clairmont Road.   As you can sort of see in this photo, it's in an old Arby's that has been empty for as long as I've been in Atlanta.  They've fixed it up nicely; the outdoor seating was so nice that I couldn't get a table out there.

I arrived late and just missed the blue plate special.  It sounded great: BBQ beef on a cork cake.  So I had a big salad with a burger patty on top.  Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I forgot to photograph it, but let me assure that it was good and satisfying.  They use all natural meats and the patty just tasted clean and fresh; the patty was clearly handmade.  The salad itself was extremely fresh and had a good assortment of ingredients.

Despite the claim on their t-shirts that their food is tacky, I think the menu is pretty wholesome in a very homey way: hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, ice cream.  The atmosphere is much the same way. I met the owner who was very nice; this is clearly a family operation. I am a sucker for good, wholesome, simple food and I consider this to be a great addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. Marilyn,
    I just discovered your blog through Urbanspoon and I am really enjoying your posts. I like that you write about simple places like the above and you don't seem to be a food snob. My husband and I go out with another couple to try new restaurants about once a month. Your blogs have given me many ideas for new places to try. Thank you and keep reviewing!