Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buckhead: Atlanta Fish Market

Atlanta Fish Market on Pharr Road is hard to miss---just look for the three-story fish out front.  It's a big, bustling place that holds lots of people in an open, friendly environment.  The atmosphere is upscale casual, with relatively few people dressed up.  They do have a bar/sushi bar that offers lower lights and more atmosphere.

I started with a spicy tuna roll, which I enjoyed.  I am a salmon fanatic so I ordered blackened salmon.  The fish itself was of high quality.  However, it was blackened in name only.  You should get a strong taste of pepper and spice from a blackened piece of meat.  The blackening process here seems to have been toned down for the neophytes.

I received two service miscues: wrong salad dressing and wrong type of potatoes.  A restaurant like this that strives to project an upscale image should do a little better...

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