Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eclipse di Luna

Eclipse di Luna is at the end of Miami Circle in the Buckhead design district.  I'd been there once before for lunch.  Tonight's occasion was a tapas outing with a group of friends.  The atmosphere was very high-energy and, unfortunately, a little too loud for much conversation.

I tried three dishes.  This is the hummus, which is prepared to look and have the mouth feel of refried beans.  It wasn't overly flavorful, even when the green pepper and cheese were factored in.  

I also had a vegetarian empanada that was great.  The crust was perfect, the filling was tender, and the sauce was just enough to lend some zing without being overbearing or soggy.

My last dish was fried plantains with honey and black pepper.  They were very good and the portion was huge---I saved most of it for breakfast in the morning.  The honey was very high quality, actually tasting like flowers as honey should.  The zing of the pepper was a nice touch.

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  1. I went to this place with my filipino women friends again. Eclipse was great place to dine!!! The potatoes were addictive and the salmon was awesome. But I was most impressed by the whloe roasted fish!!! WOW, picture perfect meal. I would love to go on a date here and sip some wine.