Saturday, October 15, 2011

Milledgeville: Chops Downtown

Milledgeville has several blocks of downtown commercial area, bolstered in part by the local colleges. Given the population, one would expect to see several burger/sports bar establishments. Chops Downtown is one of them. A more accurate name would be Chops Downstairs. The location has atmosphere but is very brightly lit. It also has amazing cell phone reception for a rural basement.

I started with a Caesar salad. The burger was about the right size for me, not overly large. They use natural beef and I could taste the difference. The potatoes also tasted very fresh. As I've noted before in this column, bars sometimes rely on their clientele's inebriated state to maek up for the quality of their food. But Chops turned out to be a pleasant experience while sober. 119 Chops Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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