Friday, April 20, 2012

Smyrna: St. Angelo's Pizza

St. Angelo's has become a regular stop when I am in Smyrna. The style is what I've come to think of as New York transplant/Atlanta pizza place. These places have classic New York pizza, the mandantory checkered table cloths, and pictures of the family who runs the establishment. But the Atlanta version has a more modern sports bar vibe: brick interior (mandantory in Georgia) and plenty of video screens playing ESPN.
This is exactly the sort of pizza I would want from my neighborhood pizza place in New Jersey. Gourmet, not particularly; enjoyable, very much so. St. Angelo's sauce is excellent---the acid in the sauce is just strong enough to register when combined with the other pizza flavors. The crust could be a little chewiwer but is quite good. The staff are friendly without being pushy in the classic Italian style. St. Angelo's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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