Monday, June 11, 2012

ATL: Cafe Intermezzo

Cafe Intermezzo is in Terminal B at Hartsfield-Jackson. It took me quite some time for me to connect this place with the wonderful desserts I've had at Cafe Intermezzo in town. The airport location has a bookstore as well as a sit-down restaurant and a takeout service. The restaurant service is always gracious. A good meal in a relaxing environment is a welcome relief to the stress of modern airline travel. I was in a burger mood and this one hit the spot. I am not a huge American cheese fan but overall the burger was very good. The corn chowder that came with it was very good. For dessert I tried this wonderful Italian tart. The fruit at the top was very tart and sweet. It lies over a layer of custard with cake at the bottom. Café Intermezzo on Urbanspoon

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