Sunday, June 17, 2012

Decatur: Mysore Woodlands

Mysore Woodlands is the latest addition to Patel Plaza in Decatur. The restaurant offers south Indian vegetarian cuisine. It offers table service; it also has a lunch buffet. Here is my chat selection, a cold potato and pea salad served with wispy little puffs. I'm not sure of the official way to eat this, so I dipped the top of the puff into the sauce to soften it, bit off the top, then filled it with potatoes and peas. My main course was a vegetable uppadum. This is, I believe, a lentil pancake, filled with a variety of colorful vegetables. It was tasty and very filling. Mysore Woodlands on Urbanspoon

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  1. loved your blog! will check out places you went to! few blogs have atlanta eats reviews...
    by the way..the cold potato and pea salad with puffs is called bhel puri in india and is a street fast food..way to eat it is..crack the top of the puff..stuff it with the potato and pea salad and then pour in the sauce as much as you like based on your taste....and just pop the whole puff in your mouth... :D...thats a whole lot of taste for one bite! :D...thanks for the blog and keep posting please!