Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Palo Alto CA: Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels

As yet another sign of how Palo Alto has changed, this little pocket of a storefront that once housed a donut shop is now a bagel shop. Still bread with holes but a much healthier vibe. Izzy's is kosher and proudly proclaims its Brooklyn heritage.

This is my whole wheat bagel. I also had a garlic bagel that didn't make it to see noon. I kept it in a bag and the smell drove me crazy all morning until I had to eat it. While both bagels were good, I found them to be less chewy than I expected. I do not claim to be a bagel expert, but I think that the chewy bagel is more typical of East Coast bagels. When I moved from California to New Jersey, one of the things I definitely noticed was a change in the bagels. Izzy's bagels seem to be of the softer, bready variety that Californians seem to be used to.

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